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Does this sound familiar?

  • I want to make $$$ doing what I love
  • I don’t know where/how to find my ideal clients
  • I need more clients
  • I don’t know how to develop my marketing strategy
  • I feel like I am putting a LOT of work into my business and not getting much out of it

If it does, I’m here to help:

I believe that creating a comprehensive (offline and online) and custom marketing plan can be the difference between getting found by your ideal clients or not found at all. I know this very well, after all, once I created a comprehensive and well thought out marketing plan that targeted my ideal clients I started turning around my business and becoming profitable.

I went from working harder to working smarter. Gone were the tiny budgets and undesirable products, instead I was creating dream honeymoons to exotic destinations with five figure budgets. I know a custom marketing plan will give you the guidance and confidence to spread your message and sell your services EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

I’ll show you how to find your “glass slipper clients” and create the type of business that allows you to live the life you envisioned as an entrepreneur.

Are you ready to rock your business?

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About-Brenda Llamas, Marketing Strategist for female entrepreneurs

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Brenda Llamas, marketing strategist for female entrepreneurs

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I’m working on my business plans and decided to have a planning session with Brenda. I have to tell you that it was the best time I’ve spent in a long while. She saw things I hadn’t considered. We narrowed my focus and got really specific. We walked through the marketing and the message it should communicate. We discussed the website and what it should look like and most importantly who the audience was. No question that I have work to do. Thank you Brenda! Simply brilliant! ”
Margie Jordan
I have been putting off doing the Glass Slipper Client for months. I just spent a total of 15 minutes on it. The words ideas and thoughts just poured onto the page! Oddly enough the answers were not what I was expecting them to be. I even have several notes in the margins with ideas for blog posts! Thank you so much!
Jeanne Morris