I’m Brenda

I help you get off the marketing hamster wheel and focus on where your clients hang out so you can find them and make more money.  I believe marketing your business doesn’t have to be hard and given the right tools and guidance it can be fun!

My Story

(The Cliff Notes)

I began my journey to entrepreneurship as a a travel agency owner specializing in romance travel (honeymoon, destination weddings, etc). After launching my business at one of the most upscale bridal shows in town I failed to get one booking! I thought every bride was my client and I was sadly mistaken. I was embarrassed, disappointed and broke. I went back to the drawing board, absorbed every marketing paper I could get my hands on and got my marketing plan together.

It was a long journey that took me outside of my industry and I learned so much. Not only did I learn everything I could about marketing, I loved the process and it worked! I went from booking anything that came my way to booking exotic luxury honeymoons for clients I adored.

I began sharing my excitement and knowledge with fellow travel agents and I discovered that I loved doing that even more. I re-focused my entrepreneurship dreams and focused on providing marketing advice to fellow entrepreneurs. I am ready to help you cure your marketing woes with proven strategies that work every time!

Let’s turn your business around with the RIGHT marketing strategy.

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