When was the last time you walked to your mailbox, opened it and retrieved anything that was not a bill? Let me guess……it’s been so long you can’t remember.

When I studied fashion design I had a tendency to be ahead of the cycle of trends. That was not a great thing as you have to stay on trend at the right time to have a hit. One of those trends I keep thinking about right now is direct mail.

There’s a huge hole in the marketing space right now and this is the perfect time to capitalize on it; that hole is Direct Mail. If you are not sending your clients beautiful pictures on postcards you should be.

Direct mail is not cheap but it should only be used with your very hot leads at the right time. Hot leads are those that respond to your social media posts, read your newsletters on a consistent basis and are very interested in traveling soon. Send them a handwritten postcard with a great deposit offer and I bet they will come calling.

Here are the three elements your postcard must have:

1-A beautiful, clear picture of a great destination

2-One clear call to action (book today, deposit today, call me, etc.) (Bonus points for a landing page just for this direct mail offer)

3-A handwritten message

Follow these pointers, stay consistent, measure its success and rinse and repeat!

When was the last time you received anything enticing in the mail?


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