We have been beat upside the head numerous times about the fact that we don’t market based on price and we shouldn’t talk about it.

Once again, I partially disagree! Keep reading…

People don’t know how much things cost. You know that for a fact when you answer the phone and out of the other end comes out such an unreasonable request you think you’re being “punked”. I had one of those calls; a female called and wanted a weekend getaway from Philadelphia to Fiji for under 5k. I honestly kept looking around to see where my prankster was going to jump from.

Selling travel (or anything else) is in part an educational process. Many times you have to educate clients on geography and economics with a dash of politics to boot. I say that to say that people don’t know how much things cost and why. When you advertise try it both ways, post the image of a destination like you usually do and post another one with a starting price for two. Make sure you clearly post it is a starting price. Another option is to post the image with a deposit amount and again, clearly print that deposits are “as low as”.

People will understand there are fluctuations but it is easier for them to understand that their trip to Tahiti will start at $4,999 a person instead of the $1,500 pp they have budgeted. This will better qualify your leads and encourage them to contact you today as opposed to “one day”. Of course, we will never compete based on price, we will never enter a bidding war to gain a sale, that is not the client we want.

To recap, we do market with pricing when appropriate, however we don’t compete on pricing wars.

Have you ever marketed a trip based on price, meaning did you display the deposit or price pay per person? How did that go?


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