Tip #3-Brand yourself and your agency according to your niche and target client.

Travel Agent Marketing Tip. What does your brand say about you and your expertise? What can your clients expect from you? Does your brand make your clients feel like they can trust you with their dream vacation? Does your brand image (name, logo, website, business cards) reflect tour specialty accurately. Does your target client know that you specialize in East European cycling trips (Adventure/Active Travel)? Take a look at the other brands your ideal clients follow (Bicycle manufacturer, cycling clothing and equipment, etc.). Is your branding complimentary to them, do you “belong” in that industry? Take a look at your brand, hire a professional and develop a brand image that speaks to your ideal client. Your online website is equivalent to your store, keep it professional, provide adequate information about you and your services and keep it easy to navigate. The leads will come!

Q-Are you a Walmart brand or a Nordstrom brand?

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