The Truth about…making time to market

The truth is that if you don’t market you won’t get new business which means you won’t have any sales which means you have a very expensive hobby (whew, that was a mouth full).

Having said that let’s talk about designing your day. I’m not oblivious to the fact that most of the time you walk into the office with the best of intentions, but your day gets away from you between calls, emails and clients.

With a little structure I think you can accomplish most of what is on your to-do list everyday.

Here are a few tips to design your day:

1-Your business hours don’t have to be the same as your work hours. If your work hours are 9-5, advertise your business hours as 10-4. This will give you an hour first thing in the morning and before you go home to establish the things you must do that day and the next day.

2-Find either a paper planner or calendar app that works for you.

3-Create a work schedule, if you worked for a corporation you would probably have certain days and times blocked off for meetings or training. Do the same with the things that are important to you and have to get done.

4-Block the following in your calendar:

Marketing-Twice a week

Prepare travel documents-3 times a week

Mail/Deliver docs-once a week

File documents-once a week

Meet with IC’s/employees-once a week

Update your CRM-every two weeks

Reconcile commissions-once a month

Education-Once a month (at least)

Purge Brochures-Every quarter

5-Stick to it!!!! Respect your time just like you respect your client’s time, they will respect you more for it.

Do you keep and follow a daily/weekly schedule?


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