The truth…on loving your clients

Truth is, your clients are your most valuable asset and the #1 reason your business grows, here’s why:

1-They bring the best referrals in future clients

2-They are cheaper to market to than new leads

3- They are your captive audience

4-They are your cheerleaders

5-They legitimize your business

In the midst of your marketing efforts you must ALWAYS pay special attention to your past clients. Don’t forget that you already have a relationship with them. Tweak your message a little so it is different than the one you have for new leads and potential clients.

Here are a few marketing strategies to use with your past clients:

A- Email them a little less frequently than you would your new leads (keep clients in a separate email list).

B- Make your message more personal

C- Send them trip ideas with starting cost and deposit information.

You want to send them personalized trip options with cost, they may be on the fence on wether they can travel this year or not. Take the guesswork out of their plans and show them what is possible.

D- Mail birthday, anniversary and holiday cards.

E- If you consider hosting a local event please invite your clients first and make them feel special by recognizing them.

Love your clients and they will love you back in the form of more business!



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